Royal Wedding Invitation : Love ♥ Jenna Style

so, have you heard? most of the Royal Wedding Invitations went out by fax....GASP! in a professional calligrapher's opinion, that's just plain unacceptable. well, this is what Kate and Will would've sent out had they hired me: metallic silver ink on luscious Royal Blue paper (to match the famous ring,
of course) and tied into an old-fashioned scroll with silver ribbon, topped with a diamond encrusted crown.

you may be wondering why i'd even bother to create their fictitious invite. for all of you Stephen Colbert fans, you may remember he put out a call for entries for an invitation to the Royal Nuptials a few months ago. my witty, copywriter husband and i took his request very seriously. he wrote the copy and i "wrote" the invite. i even hand delivered it to the Colbert Report's post office box in new york city. we're a little sad it never aired, but happy to share it with you in time for the big day!

♥  one of my favorite details  ♥